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Christian Boys Boarding School in Missouri

young boys boarding school

Our Program

Our young boys boarding school operates on a level system which emphasizes three important aspects--spiritual, physical, and academics.

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boarding school staff

Our Staff

Our staff is made up of gifted teachers and mentors who have a heart for kids and are well-qualified for building up young men.

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boys boarding school


Runnymede boarding school has given hope to young boys coming out of a profoundly hopeless culture. Here is what former residents and parents say.

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Inquire Now

If you are interested in learning more or placing your child in our christian boys boarding school, please inquire online or call us any time, day or night.

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Why Runnymede?

  • Personalized Counseling

    Young boys attending Runnymede receive invaluable one-on-one tutoring and counsel throughout each day, not just in a once or twice a week clinical setting. Our counselors live with the struggling boys.
  • Home that Shelters

    The boys at Runnymede are protected from the influences of their peers who may be affecting their behavior, while they also learn from our counseling and life skills training.
  • Back to Basics

    Runnymede school residents learn how to milk cows, feed calves, raise chickens and turkeys, collect eggs, feed pigs and goats, ride horses, grow fruit and vegetables and they'll love every minute of it.
  • Tuition Financing

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Welcome to Runnymede Boarding School

We are a Boys Boarding School located near Walnut Grove, Missouri. As a Christian boarding school for boys aged 9-16 we focus on personalized counseling, discipling, and mentoring while living on a working farm. Our goal is to provide the structure and discipline that will help your son “put off” bad habits and behaviors, while they “put on” new productive, Godly behaviors.

Our unique environment provides a setting where every experience and practice guide in changing bad habits and, with God’s help, renewing their minds. We are dedicated to providing a safe, Christian, and family atmosphere that will encourage and train struggling boys to be the Godly young men that parents, churches and communities can be proud of. Our goal is to provide early intervention and prevention to help struggling boys reach their full potential and to become well-rounded Christian young men.

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Rural Setting

Boys need forests, rivers, grass and streams to play in. Fishing, camping, exploring and building tree houses are powerful for healing and Runnymede Home for Boys has all that a boy could want. Learn More....

Faith Based

Our philosophy revolves around raising up young men who are faithful worshipers, faithful laborers, and faithful husbands by instilling a biblical foundation in their lives that will last a lifetime. Learn More....

Mentors Needed

Runnymede School is looking for mentors! This job is for mature, Christian men who are interested in ministry with troubled youth aged 9-16 years. This job provides free room and board and a small stipend. Contact Us

Character Building Resources

Our “waiting list curriculum” gives you special pointers and tips on how to prepare your son for our school. We will send you a weekly email for 7 weeks with articles, suggestions, training tips and encouragement for you and your son to work on together. Contact Us

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